About Us

Our Mission

Every water garden, every koi pond, every waterfall, even every patio we build is an expression of us as people. This business was started in 2007 when Nick spotted a need for good service in an industry that seemed to value the work but not the client. 

For us, the client is the work. As always, the golden rule stands: Treat others as you want to be treated. Beyond that level of service, you can expect Pond King to utilize the newest technologies, the most efficient eco-systems and the most effective building techniques to create a one-of-a-kind personal oasis for you and your family.

Expert Consultations

Careful Planning and Implementation

Meticulous Organization of the Construction Process

Individual Plant Selections

High-Quality Designs

Reliable Maintenance

As A Business

We pride ourselves on our ability to customize your experience to fit your dream look, feel, and, most importantly, your budget.

As Designers

We live to create natural pieces of art that will transform your yard into a private refuge from the madness of the city.

As People

We wouldn’t build anything we wouldn’t be proud to show in our own yard. In fact, we invite you to check out what we do have in our own yards and in those of our past clients.

Our Team


Nick Needham


Nick "The Pond King" starting Pond King Water Gardens in 2007 and has been building them since 2003! He is our lead water feature artist and to this day is involved with every single project. Big or small, you are in good hands with Nick building your water feature!


Justin Weist


Justin "The Wizard" has been a business partner of Nick’s since 2013. He graduated with a business marketing degree from Bemidji State and has been doing hardscapes for the better part of 10 years. He has helped expand our product line to include paver patios, retaining walls, and any other hardscape you can think of. He is also in charge of the day to day operations of our business, marketing & finance.


Mark Busch


Mark "The Paint King" has been a friend of owner Justin's for nearly 20 years now. They went to Bemidji State together and have been friends ever since. He brings an immeasurable amount of value to our team. He is our 2nd designer behind Nick and has multiple years of water feature construction under his belt. He also manages our winter painting business Minnesota Paint King.


Dave Weist


Dave "The Stress Mitigator" is Justin's Father and our trusty maintenance man! Many of you know him because any time any one of our clients has an issue, Dave is out there to handle it. He has been an extremely valuable addition to our team. He loves his job and is a huge asset!


Brad Foster


Brad "The Handyman" is our trusted master problem solver and long time construction team member! He is a lifelong friend of Nick's and has always been someone we could call on when we needed help on projects. Even way back when Nick was starting out. Now he is a core piece of our team! Brad has a passion for the outdoors, mountain biking & living creatures!

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